Print/Hold Postcards Until Next Storm Hits

Print your postcards now and we will hold them until a storm hits.  Then we mail out immediately after a storm

As a business owner, are you tired of constantly playing catch up after every storm? Losing potential customers to your competition can be frustrating, but we have the solution for you!

Our lightning-fast service ensures that your postcards are at the post office within just two business days of the storm. No more waiting around for 10-14 days for your competitors to beat you to the mailbox. Take control of your marketing and get ahead of the game with our help.

Pay for your design and printing now and pay for postage and mail preparation later. Let us help you stay ahead of your competition and reach your target audience faster than ever before. Fill out the form below and we'll begin designing your postcard. Once approved by you, we'll print and store them at our office until you're ready to mail.

When a storm hits or when you're ready to mail, let us know which area you wish to mail to - be specific with neighborhood or cross streets, cities, zips etc.

  • We'll compile corresponding USPS carrier routes for your approval, removing carrier routes that have apartment drops.
  • Once approved, we'll invoice the total amount of drops for those carrier routes, and send an invoice for the amount to be mailed.
  • You'll be invoiced for postage, mail preparation, and shipping to the post office only.
  • After payment, we'll ship the same day if before 9am CST, guaranteed.
  • After each mailing, we'll send over the total amount of cards still in storage to mail.
  • When we start to run low, we'll notify you that it's time to print more postcards.

Don't wait any longer to reach your customers - contact us today!