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Door Hanger with Perforated Business Card

In the aftermath of a weather emergency, individuals may come across compelling advertisements, yet lack the means to record pertinent contact or promotional details.


This is where RIP / TEAR cards come into play. These cards serve a dual function, featuring an upper portion that doubles as a door hanger, as well as a tear-off segment for business cards, coupons, specials, and more.

  • Create an incentive for homeowners who have experienced damage from a storm
    • Discounts and coupons will help ensure potential homeowners call or choose your business rather than going to a competitor.
    • Whether it's a Hail Storm, Hurricane, Tornado, Fire or Significant Weather event, door hangers will help introduce your business to those affected by severe weather event. 
      • Identify Neighborhoods that have suffered damage and drop off door hangers to homeowners in those neighborhoods.
  • No Charge for changes to design, ie wording, colors, logos, etc. 
  • A Proof will be provided in 24-48 Hours. 
  • Once approval is given, door hangers will ship in 7-10 business days.