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4 Facts to know about EDDM

EDDM mailing is an informative way to reach potential clients after a storm. Before sending your next mailing, consider the following facts.

  • Studies show that postcards have a higher likelihood of being read, with 98% of delivered mail ending up in the consumer's house the same day.
  • Additionally, oversized mailers receive better response rates, so opt for an over-sized postcard to make your material stand out. According to Direct Marketing Association, large postcards received a 4.25% response rate.
  • Furthermore, EDDM yields a lower cost-per-lead than other marketing methods. Since there is no mailing list to buy, postcards cost little to print and postage is as little as 19.8¢ per piece.
  • EDDM is a cost-effective solution to target customers in storm damaged areas.