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Tips for a Great EDDM Campaign


EDDM® lets you get creative with direct mail

EDDM® is a great way for you to get creative with your message to customers year round. Many small businesses promote discounts and special offers to locals in their area with EDDM® mailers, which have a higher value perception than a standard coupon. While your EDDM must adhere to the flat mailer format, the rest is up to you.

 Be sure to include:

  • Strong calls to action
  • Promote time-sensitive sales or promotions
  • Include clear, easy-to-read phone numbers, addresses, or dates.

Capture their attention quickly and give them the important information right away. EDDM®campaigns can bridge the gap between physical and digital marketing. By pointing potential customers to your website, or making discounts only redeemable online, you create a one-two punch by engaging your audience both on and offline.


Tips for great EDDM

Here are some best practices to help you create a great EDDM® campaign.

  1. Use a large mailer format. The large mailer format automatically sets you apart from the crowd. Go big or go home!  Our EDDM postcard sizes are (6.5 x 8), (6.5 x 9), (6.5 x 12), (8.5 x 11), (9 x 12).  All Postage is 19.1¢, only difference is price of printing.
  2. Make sure your headline is large and demands attention. EDDM® gets the message to everyone, but you only have a few seconds to grab their attention, so make it count. You want your headline to be compelling and entice people to keep reading and interacting with your mailer.
  3. Use great photos or illustrations. Less really is more when it comes to getting and keeping the attention of your prospects. Infographics, photos and big, crisp graphics will help your piece stand out. These are more engaging than cluttering up your direct mail piece with long waterfalls of text, which potential customers are less likely to read.
  4. Make your call to action easy to follow. This is maybe the single best piece of advice we can give. Make sure the prospect knows what to do next. Do you want them to call you, come in to your store on a specific date, or find you online? Make this call to action clear and easy to follow.
  5. Track your EDDM® success. Use unique coupon codes, URLs or specific EDDM®-only phone numbers so you can track the success of your campaign. How many people called, stopped by, or signed up to your site? This will give visibility into your marketing success – and push you over the edge into using more sophisticated marketing. 

Every Door Direct Mail® is the perfect way for any small business to get their marketing in the hands of a local audience.