Companies that Benefit from Storm Damage Marketing

Before the Storm - STORM PREPARATION


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The companies below will benefit from Pre-Storm Damage Marketing.  Preparation is the key to weathering a storm.
  • Auto Service & Repair - Tune-up Specials, Car Inspections, etc. In case of evacuation, cars need to be tuned up and ready to go!!
  • Generator Companies - Generators are hard to find after a storm.  Running specials before a storm hits can bring in business.
  • Insurance - Flood, Windstorm, etc - With storm getting stronger and more powerful these, homeowners need to be informed that they may be in danger of a storm surge.
  • Roof Inspection - Older roofs do not fare well in storms, so best to offer FREE Inspections before a storm.
  • Storm Shutter Companies - Preparation is key to protecting homes. Pre-Storm Specials offer homeowners a chance to prepare before a storm.
  • Storm Windows & Door CompaniesPre-Storm Specials offer homeowners a chance to prepare before a storm and be safer during a storm 
  • Tree Trimming & Service - Most homeowners fail to trim trees pre-storm and offering pre-storm tree inspections can be the key to protecting home and property.

After the Storm 

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After a storm or significant weather event, the following companies are highly sought after.  Having your marketing ready to go as soon as the storm hits, will get your business into homes faster.  Prepare your marketing materials well in advance of a storm. 
• Attorneys 
• A/C Contractors
• Carpet & Rug Dealers 
• Claims Adjusters / Public Insurance Adjusters
• Construction Companies
• General Contractors
• Generator Companies
• Demolition Contractors
• Fencing Contractors
• Furniture Dealers
• Mold Remediation & Inspection
• Plumbing Contractor
• Pressure Washing
• Restoration & Remodeling Contractors
• Roofing Contractors
• Tree Service
• Water Damage Restoration Companies



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