EDDM Quarterly Contracts

Quarterly Every Door Direct Mail Contracts

Messages Are More Effective When Repeated

  • Repetition is used in advertising as a way to keep a brand or product in the forefront of consumer's minds.Repetition can build brand familiarity.
    • People must see an advertisement at least five times before they will acquire enough interest to consider buying the product or service advertised.
    • This means that you must repeat an advertisement many times to get the attention of a potential customer
    • Monthly, Quarterly, Bi'Annual and Annual Contracts insures that your message in getting to your potential customers on a consistent basis.

Want to get the BEST Pricing for your EDDM?  

  • Postage Pricing on EDDM remains the same.
  • Printing pricing will lower your CPP (Cost Per Piece) as we print your postcard in bulk and store at our offices for weekly mail.
  • The more we print, the lower the CPP becomes

Is Quarterly Contracts for you?

Why Choose this for your business:

  • More mailings gets you the lowest cost per piece for the mailing (Pricing Below)
  • We divide up mailings into 12 weeks of mailings. Approx 1667 - 4167 mailings per week
  • This will insure that you have the ability to handle all calls if you do not have the staff to do so.
  • Your business has advertising every week thru the contract period. 
  • Price includes one layout design, all printing, bundling, postal preparation, postage and delivery to post office for mailing


  1. Mail 20,000 - 50,000 postcards during the 3 month contract period
  2. Know what areas you want to target over the contract period.  
    • Find Carrier Routes at USPS Website:  Click Here
    • We pull the demographics of each carrier route in your target location and send you a list with maps of carrier routes for your approval before we mail.
  3. Either send us your camera ready design or we will design for you.  Included in pricing.
  • We will not print and mail until you approve design