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Our customers are diverse, with different needs and abilities. It's one reason why we offer you a proof of your product BEFORE we actually print.  We do not charge for proofs.  This is the best way to insure that all information is correct before we print your product.


  • A Proof will be emailed to you in 24-48 Hours
  • You will need to reply that all information on your proof is correct.
  • Please keep in mind that we ask you to check for spelling, punctuation, layout issues, and the like.
  • Important: It is imperative that you check your proof for accurateness. Once approval is made, you have assured us there are no mistakes on the proof and Community Network will not be liable for any mistakes after that point.

Upload your own PDF Proof


  • Upload your print-ready files to our website. Ensuring your files meet all of our requirements is a sure way to speed up the process.
  • Click here to see File Set Up Instructions
  • We'll check for correct color mode, resolution, bleed, and ensure your designs are ready for the next step. Please keep in mind that we won't be checking for spelling, punctuation, layout issues, and the like.
  • Once we have checked proof, we will email you a confirmation that all is correct and ready to print.
  • If you have any questions, be sure to call our customer service line at (936) 333-6400.